Faces of Donetzk Spring


The activists came to the house with a picket Yatsenuk

People expressed their discontent povodunereshitelnyh actions of the new government and the Prime Minister as well. Discussed the introduction of visas for Russians, Crimean conflict and other pressing issues - said Vitaly Umanets activist.

Oleg Medvedev promised to inform the representatives of the current government opinion of the people, through which they received authority, the report said.

Subsequently, according to Umanets attending journalists were invited to a private home of the Prime Minister.


Kiev Today Jan 2014

What is happening in Kiev an Independence quare- scary to say.
People are on the streets in  -17C staying and fighting with "berkut" ( police )

I could never  imagine, that Ukrainians are so brave and friendly... in the city center if you come to see in the their eyes only one desire- to be free from the actual system. All Men are like one- they have no leader, they work together and suffer together in a silence they build  barricades to protect themselves from the police. 


What cities better to visit in Jan-Feb of 2014

As everyone knows about the situation in Ukraine, and you plan to visit Ukraine anyway, here we publish list of the cities for visit in Ukraine.
The most Calm cities of Ukraine in Jan-Feb. of 2014

Odessa must do 

need to visit the Deribasovskaya
sit with Utyosov at Deribasovska street

walk the seaport,
climb the Potemkin stairs

walk on Mother's in Low bridge

visit one of the most beautiful theaters in the world,
visit 411 battery
walk along Primorsky Boulevard, admiring sycamores

visit Passage for shopping

Visit Ekaterinenskaya square

Crimea Must See& Do 

Swallow's nest
Visit Palaces - Massandra, Livadia and Voronzov's
Visit Sevastopol city - Balaclava and Chersonesos.
Visit Khan's Palace and have a dinner in traditional tatar's family next to the Khan's Palace


Kronental- Kolchugino Crimea

Kronental from old german- King's Valley founded in 1810 by 57 Lutheran and Catholic families (158 people) from Baden, Alsace, Rhineland Palatinate and Bavaria in Total 158 people.

The land in the valley which was acquired Bulganak Ekaterinoslavskaya office of foreign settlers. German villages were merged in Crimea Krymka kolonistsky District, which, after 1825 year Simferopol county allocated Neyzatsky kolony District In 1811 in Kronental lived 276 inhabitants non-Orthodox church, and in 1848 - 500 inhabitants 4th or June 1871 – Kronental became district center till Soviet times. ( 1920) In 1897- in Kronental was rigestered 794 people, 324- catholics, 356 Protestant and Orthodox 96 people. Commemorative book on the Tauride province in 1902, "is in the village Bulganak (former Kronental) amounts Bulganakskoe rural society, there were 1,239 residents in 81 households. In 1905, 1249 people lived in 1911-1575, in 1915-1303 and in 1919- 1263 Humans After the First World War finally canceled bymi German names, Kronental finally became Bulganak and Kronentalskaya parish - Bulganakskoe that recorded in the Statistical Handbook Tauride province. P.1-I. Statistical description, the sixth edition of Simferopol district, 1915 August 18, 1941 Crimean Germans, including from Bulganak were evicted first in Stavropol region ( Russia ) , and then to Siberia and northern Kazakhstan.

read more about Kronental 

Tours in Kronental with English speaking Guide
if you wish to visit a place of your ancestors and learn and try about their traditions, please contact me 


Top 3 Pubs in Kiev in 2014

Lucky Pub 
One of the best places to eat and drink in Kiev, if you are alone. There you will meet lot of nice open minded and English speaking people.
Great Beer, Great Food, Best Prices , Great Music, Pretty Girls

Located at Lva Tolstoho Metro

Pivarium Pub 

One of the best places in Kiev ever. Attentive people, friendly, fresh beer, Best rates, Great music, and of course lot of space 
Have to book places before you come, easy to achieve. 


if you like Football- come here and spend amazing time with new friends.
Located at Pobedy Avenue, 31, Metro KPI

Docker Pub

Docker Pub Irish Pub in Kiev.Great beer,American and European cuisine.Live rock music every evening,performances of the best rock bands. Tasty food, fresh beer, fast service.
Located in the city center- Passage Kreshchatyk 15.


List of the best Coffee Shops in Lviv

If you are a fan of Coffee, you can visit some of these places- listed in this article

Café "Golden Ducat" opened in Lviv in 2004 and immediately became the favorite place of rest and meetings. Design and coffee house atmosphere is sustained in the long Galician traditions. Coffee shop has become popular not only in Lviv, but also tourists from around the world. In some ways, this coffee shop has become an indispensable item in the route to the sights of the city. In addition to the excellent taste of standard coffee drinks and coffee are available branded "Fresh-kava," "Chokolyaka" martsepany, "Char-zіllya" special desserts.
Address : st. I.Fedorova, 20 (near the Market Square.) 

 Phone for Reservations: +38 (032) 298 62 33

" Knyagiy kelih"
Coffee House is located near the monument to Shevchenko and the Opera House. During holidays, Liberty Avenue becomes a pedestrian, and if a stay "kelyhom" "Lviv" beer on the veranda, lounging comfortably watch the tourists. For in the day of their holiday in the center right majority - mostly Poles, Russians and Ukrainians from other cities. Feature places - hookah. It will make a right onto the veranda and refueled selected smoking blends - enjoy.
Address coffee: Liberty Avenue, 16

"Vіdenska kava"The history of this place goes far in 1829, when the tradesman Carol Hartman lucrative contract with the city authorities, who needed a guardhouse, and the funds for it in the treasury was not available. Having asked permission enterprising Karol built the brig and coffee shop at the same time. Having gained popularity in the nineteenth century, this institution does not squandered her to this day. In 1998 there was opened a good coffee room. Now "Vіdenska kava" has several rooms (coffee shop, restaurant, billiard room) and two outdoor porches - upper and lower. Visitors are greeted in the courtyard of the good soldier Svejk. The atmosphere matches the name - the decor in classic style of old Vienna. Among the many foreign visitors. Of taste dishes like "Cava s zhovtkom", "Baked apple with almond", "pear with caramel and almond cream."Address coffee: Prospect, 12
"Pid sinoyu plyashkoyu"
This institution is not easy to find. Literally "combed" the whole neighborhood around the Market Square, we were not able to independently detect it. Helped a local guy, who kindly escorted us straight to the most common gateway. Coffee shop housed in a house built in 1501 Galician Armenian Vartanovich. Dim sign is hung so that the uninitiated will not pay any attention to it. After passing through a narrow stone corridor patio, you find yourself in a different era. Brick walls, antique furniture and record on the walls - everything is permeated with the spirit of the Middle Ages. In the dim light the candles and spirit-fondyushnits. In "Plyashke" - a decent selection of original hard liquors. Worth a try mead.Address coffee: st. Russian, 4. Telephone: +38 (032) 294-91-52
"Dziga"Art Café at the Armenian its walls in contact with the ancient Catholic church. For Lviv is more "club mistetskoї znatі" than ordinary coffee shop. The first thing to do is wander through art galleries, go to the antique shop, and then - to order "fіlіzhanku Kawi". In a coffee card - a few dozen types of coffee, mead and desserts. Good kanapki - exquisite appetizer for each drink.Address: str. Armenian, 35.
"Amelie"A small cozy cafe-bar in the French style in the Passage, next to the boutiques. When viewed from the street deep into the courtyard, where there are cafes, you see manicured courtyard with shops. If you sit in a cafe facing the street, stumbles upon a classic look neglected yard Lviv. And it does not irritate the opposite - plunges into the atmosphere which is only in Lviv.