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Kiev Dential Clinics

With a few simple steps, you will be taken to a cozy dental office where dental problems will be corrected in a short and comfortable stay. The skilled artisan will help you with using the equipment and dental materials are world class. Do not hesitate to ask questions, give us a call or write. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you.

tel.mob .: 067 300-65-82 (Kyivstar)     050 833-05-03 (MTS)
e-mail: zhdan-anatolii@mail.ru
Address: Str. Dovzhenko, 8, metro station Shulyavskaya


32Dent is one of the leading dental clinic in Ukraine. Experts of the clinic will quickly and qualitatively help you with treatment of any dental problems: Teeth cleaning Teeth whitening Caries treatment Endodontitis treatment Parodontitis treatment Gum treatment, periodontology Teeth jewelry Teeth treatment during pregnancy Clinics staff are experienced therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists and surgeons with major experience.Teeth treatment is done in fastest time, and what is more important, absolutely painless. All procedures are made on state-of-the art equipment with latest tchnologies.Thanks to innovative methods clinic has decreased the number of unneccessary procedures and time for treatment of painful symptoms.Clinics specialists have major experience in treatment of difficult cases, when most tooth part is destroyed or when the teeth channels are damaged etc. Dentists of «32Dent» will return your healthy and beautiful smile in shortest time possible.No cases are too difficult for our dentists. If you contact us in time you will get an excellent result in treatment of all dental problems: Treatment of damaged teeth; Restoration of lost teeth; Fixing of wrong occlusion; Teeth aligning; Treatment on any dental infections; Treatment of gum and teeth inflammation. Dental tooth implantation is a modern way to restore your teeth row via implants which esthetic and functional are equal to natural teeth.Advantages of tooth implantation with 32 Dent: Restoration of one or several absent teeth; No need to cut down bordering teeth; Possibility to use implants as basis for dentures; Your jaw bone will be safe; Great esthetic effect; 32Dent experienced dentist will do the implantation procedure with best quality materials that will provide long lasting result;Implants life time can be from 10 to 20 years. Implantation methods - One-stage implantation and Two-stage implantation