Nudist beaches of Crimea

The situation with the naked swimming and sunbathing in the Crimea now very simplified. Along the edges of all public beaches full of fans even tan. This concerns the whole of the Crimean peninsula. In the west, the Big Yalta many beaches with unfinished until spas, such as the village. Katsiveli - there is no need to go to naturist margin. And on a huge beach Saka Peresyp "textile" concentrated at the train station, and all other spaces occupied by nudists.

Beaches where you can ...

The recreation center "Lavender" - is the first nudist complex in the former Soviet Union. You only need to know arrival time nudists, because at some base period, works as a normal pension. Lavender is located in a rather lonely place. Base territory is fenced, but the beach - no. Beach is rounded. Sea too small to enter the water at least waist-deep, you have to pass 50 meters. In the dusk a lot of mosquitoes. In the nearby beaches of the people in everyday life a little bit, but at weekends many come in cars and rather densely occupied adjacent to the base of the bank. If you go away, right from the base (when facing the sea), then find yourself virtually alone, and you can safely go on naturist dress code. Sports and other movements in the nude is practiced only at Kazantip.

If you move to the west beach and round the Cape, then to your attention appear immediately three adjoining Ordzhonikidze wild beach. You can reach the top - breaking the three mountains on the path, or move along the edge of the sea, occasionally climbing over huge rocks, but do not have to climb to great heights. On the first wild beach manners still quite strict - only topless, but on the second and third most rampant unbridled spontaneous nudity. On the ground, and partly on the second beach - a sandy beach with small pebbles, and the third - clay. And so on the third beach basically not going to as many fans even tan, how many want to completely coat with clay, and when dry off, throw themselves into the sea, and then again to smear on the shore (sea water is cloudy). These "savages" believe that this clay has healing properties, so as to be in the breaking of the mountains of the Jurassic period. Skin after using it to become extremely smooth. And this is one of the few places where it never mosquitoes.

This is the most advanced nudist village. The atmosphere of this resort is literally saturated with eroticism. In mid-August is fun theatrical presentation "nudi" - Neptune Day, unique fun. If you came to Koktebel by car, then, before you reach the village center, at the turn, is camping. After passing through the camping to the sea, you go directly to the nude beach. Or, if you walk from the center of the village, you will need to enter the waterfront, turn left and walk along the city beach. As soon as the town beach ends, immediately begins a nudist. Distinctive boundary between the beaches is a dry creek. Pebble beach. This is the only beach in the Crimea, which is located next to the city, local residents have become accustomed to it. For the beach is a few recreation centers and even a summer camp. To travelers from there to get to the center of the village, they will certainly have to go along naturplyazha.

This garrison Russian Black Sea Fleet. At Cape Meganom bay is Bugas, who praise some of the naturists, as well as district-Kiik Atlama. To get to Bugasu long enough to drive on dirt roads from Kapselskoy the bay from the bottom of the road Sudak - Alhaderese. Beach - stones.

Sudak and Novy Svet.
Out the left of the official beach and swim there. True stones. Uncomfortable, a lot of "textile" people interfere. A more precisely, in Sudak, if you go along the promenade toward Feodosia, and go around the rocks Cape Alchak (admittedly happen to pass through the gap, holding the rope attached to a rock, but nothing, all pass), it can be a solitary sunbathe on the rocks at water, choosing a flat stone. Bypass on the other side for a long time. Swim must be careful: a rocky bottom. There is another option, not without a long-distance walks. Go toward the New World. When you pass an abandoned boarding house - turn off to the left there and find a wild beach. In the New World, if you do not get off it by Sudak, down the slope, then we can get on the so-called Turtle Beach.

Fox bay.
From Koktebel is a bus in Sudak. Exit to Schebetovka. By bus (shuttle bus), we can take a taxi (50 times more expensive), go down to the village of Spa. Go ashore and go right about 3 km. There will be only a man. There is a road car, the right and above, through the mountains. Actually Liska - not even the bay, a long curved beach, sand and pebble-stone. In recent years, driving up there products, there are kiosks. The main problem - firewood. People live there, sometimes for long periods, they come every year. Sand is not very clean. If the heat, many sleeping on the beach, often without clothes. This is one of the few well-known official naturist beaches. But the words of tour guides, local residents and vacationers in Koktebel now nudists from the Fox Bay is almost gone. "There's nothing else to do. Only the edge of the shore width of 1,5 meters.

On the beaches adjacent to the waterfront at midnight swim naked. This course is not quite naturism, but now it is practiced at night or at dusk. Generally in Alushta nudist beaches two. Indicated they were inscribed on the concrete. To the east of Seaside Park Alushta after beaches resorts "Neva", "Golden Ear", "Youth," "Spartacus" and others, about 2 km beach, one of the cells between two concrete breakwaters - the most visited beach. On the beach this year is very clean, there is even an ashtray. The beach is leased. Renters monitor cleanliness, hold contests, give in rent catamarans, there is also a recreation tent - 1 hour - 10 hryvnia. Yet they have as if the camera store (under a plastic tent) - like no one complained, but nobody can use it. The beach is free.

To the west of Alushta, the reputation of a nudist beach in very little in Chernovskie stones at the end of the promenade Professor's Corner (about 7 miles from the post office).

To the east of the city, include: spacious beaches astrophysical test site at Cape Suter, rocks Tuzluh between Malorechenkoy and Solnechnogorsk, Bay of Love between Malorechenskoye and fishing.

At the foot of Castel in the tract of Reed-breaker (12 km west of Alushta), in an unfinished resort hotel located campsites. Basically it Mykolayiv shipyard leased from the village council. There are selling tours and the level is close to camping. One of the cells is considered to nudist beach. People on the beach a bit. Near the settlement begins bay, separated from the sea, long and narrow strip of sand. Magnificent sand, little people, you can sunbathe as you like.

Solid motels and pioneer camps. Between them, about dividing panels, sometimes you can settle down. Nudist beaches are considered and the "nose" of Bear Mountain, for example beach Rajewski. There's a very clean and beautiful, but the storm is dangerous. Beach from a huge round boulders. Swim better with a catamaran. Official beaches there by definition. They say that the whole west coast, inaccessible and uninhabited, can be used for nudism - there besides clean water and a complete lack of infrastructure and amenities.

From Yalta by bus number 34 or by shuttle bus (landing near the ware market) to Nikita Botanical Garden. Walk to the pier, "Botanic Garden" (come to the same ships with the Yalta), then turn left around the beach resort "House of Scientists, using for this wicket, or if it's closed, go back to the dock and go through the territory of the sanatorium (part of the fence is missing ) and then go to the beach. Move along the shore towards Gurzuf. The road is difficult, have to jump over the rocks, wading among the overhanging rocks above the water. Athletic shoes do not hurt. At a distance of about 1 km from the beginning of the path is a beautiful pebble beach, surrounded on three sides by rocks, which come from nearby villages who wish to relax away from the prying public. This area of the reserve "Cape Marian", which is part botanical garden. After the first visit, you can go back on the trail that goes from the beach right on the mountain, and leading to the bus stop. Here come a lot easier than on the beach.

Blue Bay to just put it more precisely address: over the hill "Pan" is "coral beach, but for him, right in the middle of the mountains" Cat "and is a nudist beach. Should go on the road from Simeiz to Kastropol. But here is mainly a rest people gay, and mostly boys, but for the opposite gender are very tolerable and friendly. Here, as saying the girls, tanning is much better because the boys are absolutely no interest and no harassment there. This place is probably chosen because it really quite far away from prying eyes, as to descend to the sea need something what training to avoid crashing on the rocks, but surely there is a hidden track, which is known only by their "own". Those who are out there sunbathing, they say that many already know, and they all have here is not the first year of rest, many even have their favorite places that no one takes them apart. Sunbathe on the huge flat stones.

Beach to the left of the official. From the bus stop on the route to go down to the village, can be directly on the path to the left of the intersection, if you look at the sea. Leave for an official beach left. There are places where there are nudists. Sometimes there, they say, is still chasing the police, but it happens very rarely.

From the Seaport, with the Count pier every 20 minutes is a boat on the North. Move there for 10 minutes. Immediately on the other side - bus station, from where taxis are constantly in Lyubimovka. After 10-12 minutes you are there. Exit to the sea and directly on the beach (so far, "textile") to go right. After 10-15 minutes' walk "textile" will run out and the next few kilometers of beach - in full possession of naturists. Due to the length of the density of "public" on this beach is very small, that is from you to the nearest person may have more than one dozen meters. The beach - sand, water - quite clear.

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